Males are facing hardship & discrimination in both social work education and in the day to day practice. This topic is taboo in most social work settings. This site intends to be a safe place to discuss these issues from a male friendly perspective. It will contain articles that can be used by social work students to both inform them of this perspective and to promote discussion and understanding towards men and boys that is presently so lacking in the profession. Here are some beginning resources

1. A Letter to NASW and all social workers that questions the present anti-male attitudes and behaviors.

2. A letter to social workers challenging them to check their own practice and see if they are following their own code of ethics.

3. Part two of the above letter that focuses on social work education and its anti male tendencies.

4. An article that documents the treatment of blacks in the 20th century blaming them for social problems and then ignoring them as victims of the same problems. The article goes on to point out that in today’s world men are playing a similar role to that previously played by blacks.

The eventual hope for this site is to accept articles written by others about this issue and to become a place where male social workers can interact privately, share stories and strategies, and support each other through the many difficulties of being a male social worker.