When I went to graduate school to obtain my MSW things were different. Men and women were both held in high esteem, one sex was not favored over the other. That was in the 1970’s. I have had the opportunity to witness social work in the 2000’s and I am stunned by what I see. Now one sex, women, are seen as being the model human while the men are seen as being deficient women. Add onto that the bizarre contention that women are oppressed and that it was and is men who are the oppressors.

We have young men entering social work graduate schools who are being seen and labelled as the cause of the world’s problems. Can anyone see how utterly insane and bigoted that is? Taking a birth group and assuming that those within that birth group are a certain negative way? Try that with blacks, or Jews, or just about any other birth group and you will quickly see that it won’t fly. But with men? Hey, it is accepted and pushed by the media and even academic research.

How did we get to this point? I think one answer is that we tend to feel more comfortable when we have someone to blame. In the 20th century many people blamed blacks. Now in the 21st century it seems to have morphed into blaming men.

If you are having a hard time getting your head around this mess you might want to have a look at two articles on this site. The first describes in detail the way men and boys are marginalized in social work practice. The second focuses more on the problem in social work education.

This site will work to expose this misandry and bigotry. No punches will be pulled nor will political correctness be a factor. If you are a male social worker please do email me your perspective. I hope to get many stories from those males who are currently in the chaos. I will also be working towards finding ways to help male social workers connect and support each other. The hope is to get people thinking about our present insanity and being the difficult task of bringing a humanitarian viewpoint that honors both men and women.